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  1. Pam
    12 August 11, 11:14pm

    It would be great to see Matt Maher in concert in the Kansas City MO/KS area. I would also like to see Audrey Assad and maybe they could both play at the same show.

    • admin
      25 August 11, 2:50pm

      He is coming to the Sprint Center on November 19th with The Rock and Worship Roadshow, LOVE him too!!!

  2. Nate Gourley
    09 November 11, 3:44am

    I am Nate Gourley and I helped at the Leaving Eden event with Brandon Heath and Brit Nicole performing by doing some security detail that night. I really enjoyed being involved and helping out with something that I believe touches so many. Edward (a friend from Heartland Community Church) invited me to help out the day of the concert and there is a bit of a story to that goes along with this and if you have a moment, I’d like to share it.

    My stepfather, John Hallberg, was the drummer at Colonial Presbyterian Church for many years and he went to be with the Lord early Saturday morning (October 29th). His services were at Colonial on the following Wednesday and Thursday. What an incredible way to prepare for being in that church for a funeral service after having built some memories (that will be forever etched in my heart) there on Sunday October 30th. I shared the story of John’s death with Brandon that night and he went on to share a similar story about his stepfather (though still living) also battling cancer. It was a heartfelt conversation that lasted 15 to 20 minutes prior to him doing his show. I then had the opportunity to pray with Brandon, Edward, Travis and Jim West (Colonial pastor) and it was a very surreal moment. I have no doubt the Lord orchestrated this…before Sunday morning (until Edward had told me and invited me to serve) I had no knowledge of Brandon & Britt’s performing together, let alone at Colonial.

    Brandon also went on to share his story about why he wrote the song “I’m not who I was” with Travis and myself and after he got about half way through the story a couple people came by and the story was cut short. Travis and I were disappointed as we really wanted to hear his testimony about that particular song. We ended up going in to watch some of his performance and WOW, he started playing that song and in the middle of it, stopped to share the entire story with the audience. So we ended up not missing a thing.

    I was so impressed with the kind and genuine nature of both Brandon and Britt. They both separately approached me if not only to introduce themselves, but to demonstrate a warmth that the Lord was surely pleased with. This genuineness actually carried on through all of the band members as well. What a refreshing feeling to know that they didn’t put themselves above anyone. I would have to say that I am not sure I could exhibit those qualities if I had any type of fame or fortune. Perhaps that’s why I don’t have their type of gifts =).

    God’s plan never fails and He always brings good out of bad situations. It’s often difficult to see at the time, but when reflecting on some painful events in your life, wouldn’t you agree? God is good…EVERY DAY!!


  3. admin
    09 November 11, 3:49am

    Thank you for being SO AMAZING and selfless. I am SO glad Pastor West and Brandon Heath prayed for you and talked with you about what you are going through. We are SO honored that you are serving along side us and you are in our prayers!!! peace to you and your family, Illuminate.

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